Instantaneous analysis of purchasing behavior for the improvement of your business

Claridae is a collaborative platform that allows you to receive direct revenue from the data of distributors, manufacturers and research companies, who securely upload business data, choosing what to share and with whom.


New Field

The collaborative platform of insights you had always imagined

Instant benefits

We connect manufacturers and distributors to improve commercial action


Almost immediate insights into your business, which allow Answering business questions, improving decision making and definition of commercial actions, monitoring and measuring these actions.


Obtaining benefits from the data. Insights that increase the knowledge of your business, providing a competitive advantage over your competitors.

What makes us different


Our API encrypts the information, uploads it to a private cloud in Microsoft Azure, processes it encrypted, and accesses it with three layers of security.

Transparent Information

No samples, no extrapolation, no market averages, fresh information every day.

Daily reports

There is no need to wait weeks to receive the information, the day after the end of the period it will be available to subscribers.

Take your business to the next level

Basic Plan

Alerts and summary reports for immediate action
Identifying commercial insights through the use of data science and artificial intelligence:

  • Regular information with headlines
  • Alerts on key variables
  • Synthesis reports

The information is published regularly (daily, weekly or monthly) in pdf format, is sent by mail, with the levels of detail agreed with each client. Detailed information is provided in additional databases.


Premium Plan

In search of opportunities in the commercial mix
You will discover the business opportunities to incorporate them into your business plans. You will have a web application that will allow you to answer frequent questions:

  • What is the price positioning of a brand or reference that maximizes its ROI and that of the category?
  • What is the purchase behaviour by type of buyer, by day of the week, by time slot?
  • What are the references to make cross-promotions in a category, between categories?
  • What are the sources of growth for a category, a brand, a benchmark?


Data Science

The science of data, half statistics, half programming, new tool to get the most out of data are present in Claridae.

Artificial Intelligence

Made possible today by the new GPUs. AI is going to change everything, large technology companies use it in thousands of internal projects, little used in retail until now.



Use our API to upload information to the platform in real time.


Claridae is a 100% designed, implemented and optimized platform for storing and processing in the cloud.


New programming languages such as Python allow the generation of flexible and simple reports that are adapted every day to the problems to be analyzed.

Deep Learning

Claridae includes neural networks trained to discover relevant insights including world experts to leverage collective intelligence.

Real Time

The latest information processing techniques allow for real-time calculation and context-based reporting.

Stack Big Data

The platform is based on open source components capable of storing and processing petabytes of information in a scalable and efficient manner.


José Luis

CEO, España
José Luis is a recognized professional in the FMCG industry, he started the Claridae project after having been European Sales Director at Coca-Cola and General Manager at Coca-Cola Gestión, he started his career at Nielsen.

Ricardo Moita Santos

Partner, Portugal
Ricardo developed most of his career in the FMCG and Pharma world in companies such as P&G and Danone, performing several Commercial and General Management functions. Since 2016 he became an entrepreneur and business angel.

Alberto Rodríguez

Board Member
Alberto is a serial entrepreneur, after the creation and development of Nexium, he embarks on new business projects entirely related to innovation in the retail sector, he began his career at Nielsen.

Carlos Picazo

Board Member
Carlos is one of the greatest experts in our country in Data Science and Deep Learning, a founding partner of Nexium, will provide the knowledge in the analysis of information, also began his career at Nielsen.

Fabiola Pérez

Board Member
Fabiola is one of the best professionals in Data Science and IoT in the market, after being VP global at Nexium and VP global retail execution at Nielsen, she will bring the knowledge of information and visualization processes.

Diego García

Board Member
Diego has a degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA from IESE (University of Navarra). He has extensive knowledge in subjects such as Computer Vision and Deep Learning and is a reference within the Spanish panorama.